Solidarity Network Nicosia In Action
by Nicosia Municipality Multifunctional Foundation 

Our Services

Enable vulnerable and marginalised people in Nicosia to become active and be integrated in society.

The Solidarity Network Hub provides innovative social services to the most deprived citizens as well as to integrate various social services of the Foundation and of other non-governmental organizations (NGO) who act within the area of Nicosia Municipality. The network of social services have the same aims such as to promote social cohesion and social integration to the people in need.

The model relies on networking with other stakeholders, mostly civil society, to maximize the impact of our efforts across the community in a range of fields varying from reducing social disparities to providing free legal, counselling, accounting, services, child care and child protection etc. We believe in promoting cooperation across sectors for effective long-term response to beneficiaries’ needs and their reintegration in society.

The infrastructure and services offered promote social inclusion and the integration of immigrants and other disadvantaged groups in the local community.

1. Psychosocial Support

Psychosocial support is the cornerstone of services provided in order to identify the needs of beneficiaries and direct them to other available services, apart from providing psychosocial support. Legal support, career counseling, family budget advising, and home childcare provision are additional services offered by the Hub.

2. Entrepreneurship development

Entrepreneurship development enables beneficiaries to advance their skills, knowledge and expertise in order to become self-confident and improve their entrepreneurship profile.

3. Career counseling

Career counseling and employability support provides the necessary tools for job market integration and re-integration. This services empowers individuals to gain new skills and improve their capabilities to become better job candidates for a rewarding job placement. The key to lead an independent life is a steady income which will support them in becoming self-reliant and able to provide for their children and families.

4. Legal advising

Legal advising concerns first level legal advising and guidance on any legal or potentially legal issues that may challenge the beneficiaries.

5. Family budget advice

Family budget advice provides guidance and  support household budgeting, negotiating with banks on loans, overdue payments etc. in order to get finances back in order.

6. In-home childcare provision

This service includes the provision of childcare services for young children at the childcare provider’s premises.

“Niazomai” is an innovative online system that enables beneficiaries to access the offered social services and ensures impeccable case management by the Foundation while adhering to Data Protection – GDP Regulation.